You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bait

I’m learning to discern between constructive comments and comments that are engineered to get a reaction out of me. It’s part of the maturation process, from what I’ve been told.

Now, I don’t ignore all comments. Sometimes I’m bored and respond. But I’m getting better at it. For example:

“The President of the US. Bush junior, tried to seal the VSD forever! He did that because they knew that the Thimerosal litigation, would be payouts in the 100’s of million’s in damage for each child. They admitted in the Simpson Wood transcripts, that they would not be able to defend against lawsuits with the current science that was available at the time. The sad fact is that they said, they were concerned about the lawsuits, not one was concerned about the American children that they admitted was way over taxed with ethyl-mercury. They admitted they had nothing, and then they decided they did nothing wrong! That was till the stripped minutes reappeared, and then they had to admit to their own committee that they were going to deceive them and the ACIP. You are defending child poisoning DEVILS! That sold their soul’s for Pharma money and fame. The 17 yr Senior CDC scientist whistleblower, has painted a picture of an out of control very scared agency that has made the biggest mistake in medical history. That will in 16 yr’s reduce our Nation children that can work, by half. Worse will be the fact that 1 in 2 is bad but since there is a four to one ratio boys to girls, 82 % of all American boys will be mild to severely mentally retarded.”


This was a comment left on the blog about three months ago by a known antivaxxer. He’s been banned from commenting here, but his comments still go into moderation. The dude is convinced that there is some sort of linear relationship between vaccinations and neurological disorders, which is par for the course for these nuts. I’ve ignored his comment all this time.

Just look at the comment. It’s so disjointed. It’s so bizarre.

How can you possibly respond to this without getting yourself into a tangled mess of stuff? I mean, there’s no way to reply to this bufoon without you yourself looking foolish. Trust me. So learn to discern what to respond to and what to ignore, even from your friends. Life is better that way.

3 Comments on “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bait”

    • Save for one small difference, La Brea has tar, that’s just a poop pit.
      Just one step nastier to step into and sink.


  1. What’s the old saying about arguing with a grunt is like wrestling with a pig? Substitute ‘ant-vaxxer’ for ‘grunt.


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