Yes, I wrote this one year ago.

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  1. Tis far better handwriting than I have.
    For my cursive handwriting, you’d require CIA cryptography or a pharmacist. For my block printing, a pharmacist would be required, the CIA hasn’t quite figured it out yet.
    Of course, for the former, they simply guess. 😉

    Then again, when I jot down a note, only I need to understand what it says. 😉


    • I thank my mom for this writing. She would make sure that my writing was legible. Sure, her methods were sometimes unorthodox, but they got the job done.


      • Heh, mom and the nuns at my Catholic School worked tirelessly, repeatedly, for years to effect an improvement on my handwriting.
        It literally got worse with each class/year. Eventually, one and all threw up their hands and admitted defeat.

        The more that you write, the worse your handwriting becomes. Become a senior NCO, add in writing prescriptions, yeah, it gets damned ugly.
        Add in some nerve damage, there are times that I’m challenged to figure out whatinhell that I wrote. Which is why I type into an encrypted note file these days.

        A file that came in handy of late, as my wife is on a handful of new medications, ranging from ER morphine to immediate release morphine for breakthrough pain (my suggestion to doctor, as ER wasn’t quite cutting it), plus gabapentin and an antidepressant to increase appetite and hopefully lower neurological induced pain.
        Referring back, symptoms ranged from black-out periods of sudden unconsciousness, blackout periods of semi-consciousness, suicidal ideation, appetite suppression and collapses without other explanation.
        As the antidepressant family has sedation, suicidal ideation and idiosyncartic appetite suppression, I suspect the antidepressant. If that fails, we’ll switch off/over to the novel gabapentin, although she’s had that in the past.
        Keeping good notes is keeping good patient care.
        And yes, she’s that bad and worse. Liver failure (bilary cirrhosis, secondary to ignored gallstone disease), every cervical section of her spine has stenosis, L5-S1 is frightening in severity and advanced osteoporosis.
        I’d be suffering from serious depression myself, but I lack the time to engage in it. I’m psychologically forced to disregard it, due to necessity.

        Still, I could just be a bit down due to pharmaceutical hypothyroidism, secondary to treatment to my hyperthyroidism. Doctor just ordered my dosage of methimazole halved, due to lower than normal T3 and T4 results. Alas, we had the nurse practitioner meeting me for the first time and I had to tolerate her long version, rather than her just giving me the raw numbers, like doctor had learned to do.

        Next up, to get her liver biopsy, to see just how bad what imagery showed was bad, although the labs suggest a confusing, but overall negative likelihood. I’m still hoping that a lobotomy might have some good effect.
        But, hope is wishing, wish in one hand, crap in the other, we both know which hand gets filled first.

        We can discuss this further offline, if you really feel distressed. No need to distress others.


      • Totally OT…
        I just received a call from work.
        It started with, “Xxxx, it’s 11:45”, to which I replied, I’m off on Thursdays and Fridays.
        He replied, Oops.
        Been there, done that. Hell, just last week, I went in at 16:45, when my reporting hour was 23:45. Oops.
        When one varies one’s sleep schedule, one inevitably invites confusion. :/


          • Yep, pretty much. I learned how to adjust my circadian rhythm a long time ago, due to military duties.
            Still, things can occasionally get confused.

            It didn’t help when management here referred to my noting errors increasing when shifts changed and they referred to it as “biorhythms”, disparagingly, I should add.
            I simply countered with OSHA studies on workplace accidents induced by shift changes.
            That manager quickly moved on to another company.


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