Podcast: October 2016 Update


Yeah, yeah… It’s been a while. I missed you too. Here’s 12 minutes of me catching you up on what happened this summer with dad getting cancer, me picking up cycling and swimming, and taking some exams. Also, there is something about Puerto Rico and Zika in there.

As always, you can just download it by clicking here.

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  1. Great job with swimming and weight! Remember it takes practice. When I first started lap swimming I could only go about ten laps, or 500 yards (lap is defined as going across the pool and back, not one way). I eventually got up to 2000 yards. Unfortunately I have had a some health issues that have prevented me from swimming, so I am reduced to long walks and short bike rides.

    We are getting close to sixty years old, so it is much too easy to gain weight. Restaurants are a challenge because the shear amount of food and how rich it is (they use more cream and butter than I do at home!). So my husband and I usually share one dinner. Though this past week we ordered separately mostly because I wanted the fish, and he ordered the pork dinner (they were German inspired specials for Octoberfest). Mostly what I finished was the salad and the fish, I hardly touched the potato pancakes. My husband was served two entire pork chops! He ate one. What we brought home from that restaurant will be Monday’s dinner.

    Enjoy Puerto Rico. You’ll probably encounter fruits you would never see in the northern USA. Like one of my favorite funky fruits… the large seed is kind of a choking hazard: ginups or mamones: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melicoccus_bijugatus . Don’t go overboard on the empanadas.


    • Yeah, I know all about the deliciousness of the food. I’m going to have to be really careful.

      I did 800 meters again the other day. It was brutal. Half was with the snorkel and half was without. I’m still having a lot of trouble breathing when I’m not wearing the snorkel, but I figure it’s just a matter of practice.

      I’ve hit some plateaus here and there, and I trip up and overeat, especially when I’m home and crunching data (i.e. bored) and reach for the snacks.

      I’m planning a special series of blog posts from Puerto Rico, much like I did from Colombia. I hope the bosses down there don’t frown too much on that.


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