A Day of Protesting in Baltimore

A group of mostly Latin American immigrants held a protest in Baltimore on Thursday, February 16, 2017, to protest the current executive actions on immigration. I took some pictures.

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  1. I saw one flag that I’d love to pimp slap the holder of, but I do respect the fundamental right of protest, so I’d discuss my objections with them in detail, over a fine meal, my treat.
    That all said, I’ll say, it’s one hell of a varied protests, to judge by signage and flags! Close to the rainbow, if one ignores brown of the shi-stain – erm, far right, who is copiously missing.

    *White is right* is true only when one is dealing with laser printer paper.
    The reality is, the rest of the time, we enjoy ROYGBIV. I get to enjoy near IR and near UV, courtesy of my IOL (IntraOcular Lens, a cataract replacement plastic lens).
    The latter bit, I find totally cool!
    That also means, what fluoresces for you is quite brilliant for me. Seriously! I honestly want to have a small study performed on it, if I can find free time, to explore the scope and depth of the change from my natural, badly damaged lens to the synthetic replacement!
    Said while trying to figure out how to acquire my required DHS ID, without driving for 300+ miles, as my car won’t survive half of that trip…

    That last, referred to management, as I don’t need the bloody thing for my daily job. Let contractor and contractee figure that mess out.*

    *I’m a good dad and granddad, that means, *knowing* when one has to be a phallus. 😉
    It’s required, I don’t have to fund it is the short story, they both have to figure it out. Again.**

    **Not the first time, but both organizations insist upon reinventing the wheel each fiscal year.


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