Talking Tuesday on a Friday: June Update!

A few minutes where I catch you up on the craziness around me. Nothing bad, mostly good… Thanks for your time. Enjoy.

(As always, you can download the file by clicking here.)

3 Comments on “Talking Tuesday on a Friday: June Update!”

  1. Yay! If you think your life is crazy now, it will be even more so soon.

    As to the “advice.” You can safely ignore most of it. Something you realize when you have a second kid. I thought I was a great mother when my first child’s “terrible twos” lasted two weeks, but that was smashed to smithereens when my second child’s “terrible twos” lasted from the time he was eighteen months until he was seven years old.


    PS: Though as it turned out the oldest child is disabled. Unfortunately the “advice” you get for a non-verbal child and one that is “different” escalates, and it is annoying. Though it helped he was a cutey pie, and as an adult he is very nice and polite. He had gall bladder surgery yesterday, and when a nurse asked him if he needed something he always responded with “Yes, please” or “No thank you.” Yeah, my kid is autistic, but he is a very polite autist!


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