How Do Anti-Vaccine Advocates React to a Vaccine Bill in New Jersey? Hint: Not Very Well

I won’t bore you with the details because the video is quite good on its own. Basically, NJ legislators in a committee voted to advance a bill for a vote. The bill would require parents seeking a vaccine exemption for attending school to do one of several things. They can get a physician to write a letter that required vaccines are not medically advisable for a child, as is the case for many children who truly do have an allergy to a vaccine component. Or they can show proof that their religion doesn’t allow vaccines (none of the major religions prohibit vaccines, by the way) and sign a notarized attestation to that effect. That’s it.

No one is being forced to be vaccinated. No one is being forced to not practice their religion. The only thing the bill does is keep people from lying about vaccines just because they have some ill-founded fear of vaccines. If anything, I would think that anti-vaccine activists would welcome this bill because it would eliminate people lying about their beliefs and give the world to see the true number of “true believers.” If I were them, which I’m not, and I won’t, but if I were… If I were them, I would put out a press release that would read something like:

“We welcome this bill in the NJ Legislature as it will shine a light on the true size and strength of our anti-vaccine community. This bill eliminates from our ranks those who are simply too lazy to go get their children vaccinated and documents in writing and via notarization those of us who truly stand against science.”

It’s just a draft. Feel free to alter it. 😉

Anyway, that vote didn’t go over well with the anti-vaccine crowd. They kind of didn’t like it:


Did you catch that child flipping the double birds at 1 minute 4 seconds? He’s the real victim in all this. Note that he is crying by the end of the video. Sad.

Featured Photo by GôDiNô on / CC BY-NC-ND

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