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Mental Blocks and Hypergraphia

One of the things that my wife always points out is that I am very much able to sit down and punch out a blog post of several hundred words on something that interests me, but then I have a hard time writing something for an assignment. She does it with some frustration, I think, […]

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Rest In Peace, Victim Number 5

Back in November of 2013, the Baltimore Police Department had a raid where they arrested a large group of members of Baltimore’s “Black Guerilla Family” gang. One of those arrested somehow managed to escape with handcuffs on and was being sought by the Baltimore Police Department shortly after the escape. Have you seen this man? […]

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What’s your fall-back plan?

I had a very unfortunate experience at a quick oil change place yesterday. I had never been there before, but I need an oil change and we were in that town visiting. As I drove up to the shop, a man very angrily directed me to park in front of one of the bays. I […]

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The thing about “Star Wars” is…

In which I try to explain to you why the new Star Wars film was not my cup of tea.

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If you don’t see social messages in fiction, you’re not reading well enough


One of my favorite science bloggers got into a bit of a tussle with some dude on Twitter the other day. The dude is a self-described “best-selling philosopher” and seems to think of himself as a big deal in the world of science fiction writing. He also dabbles in science denialism, thinking that he is […]

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2015: The Year in Review

People do this thing where they review the year and they tell you all about how it went. I’d like to do that, but I’m just going to stick to pointing out to you the blog posts I of mine that I think you should read to catch up on all that went on in […]

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