What Love of Country Is All About

Growing up in Mexico, I was exposed to a lot of nationalistic views about that country. When I came to the US, it wasn’t that much different. In either place, I was told to love the country with all my heart, and to not see any fault in it. That’s totally the wrong way of going about loving something, or someone…

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Immigration, Again

Slavery is “America’s Original Sin,” without a doubt. I think the way that the United States governments since Independence have treated immigrants is a close second. Time after time, the country seemed to settle on what being “American” was, and then the country rejected anyone not fitting the description until it was necessary to re-define […]

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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

You know what really confuses me about the hyper-conservative people in political discussions? I get really confused when they say that something is “un-American.” Then, when I ask them what “American” is, they have a hard time going beyond catchwords and catchphrases like “democracy” and “rule of law.” Of course, they are usually also usings […]

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