Big Changes

Change can be hard sometimes, unless you’re used to it. Other times, you forget that there was change in your life all the time because you became complacent to the things around you. Change is not bad… Change is a welcomed, uh, change.

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Understanding What You Can’t Understand

A lot of people were puzzled as to how a misogynist, racist, xenophobe could be elected President of the United States of America in 2018. It’s not that hard if you put yourself in the shoes of those who have swallowed the lie that immigrants are the root of all evil.

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The Parent Ren, Part V: Baby in the City

I traveled with my wife to New York City for a conference she was attending. While she was at the conference, the baby and I walked downstairs at the hotel to get some food. Well, she immediately started crying, and I don’t blame her. There were a lot of people, a lot of noisy people, […]

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If you don’t see social messages in fiction, you’re not reading well enough


One of my favorite science bloggers got into a bit of a tussle with some dude on Twitter the other day. The dude is a self-described “best-selling philosopher” and seems to think of himself as a big deal in the world of science fiction writing. He also dabbles in science denialism, thinking that he is […]

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