Flowers in My Neighborhood, 2017 Edition

My wife and I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood, and I brought the camera along. There were a lot of bugs flying around. Just like in previous years, here are some of the shots I took of the flowers around my neighborhood.

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Hail to the Bees

When I was a child, I was always afraid of bees and other insects. You can thank the fire ants in Chihuahua for that. They always managed to sting me in the summers that I spent there running around with my cousins. Grandpa would compound the hurt by adding merthiolate (thimerosal and alcohol, basically) to […]

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After having no luck in finding a sunflower patch near my house, I drove down to the Virginia-Maryland line (aka the Potomac River) and found one in a park. The owners set it up for people to go to, but they also did it so that birds would be attracted to the area… So the […]

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