Lots of Fads Out There

My wife and I went to a cupcake store and were a little surprised when we saw a sign for “Keto Cups.” The “keto” or “ketogenic” diet is the latest diet fad that’s actually been around since the days of the Atkins Diet. The idea is to deprive the body of simple carbohydrates, like refined […]

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Whose Fault Is It That I’m Fat?

We were talking in an epidemiology class the other day about the association between obesity and diabetes. It’s a pretty strong association, with a lot of good evidence that obesity causes diabetes. As the students and the professor talked about this, the other teaching assistant in the course took some pictures of us. I was standing […]

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Eating just a little bit better now and then

On the last day of our trip to Italy, my wife and I were sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a very strong and very expensive coffee. As we looked out the front door, we saw a woman with three young boys sitting on a small bridge. (Venice has a lot of bridges.) All three […]

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