That Night… A Ridiculous Rant of Just Over 2,500 Words

It’s late February, 2000. I’m just a few months away from graduating college and finally leaving that place. I’ve been mindful of what I do because I don’t want to get into trouble. I’m driving around with a fake insurance card in my crappy car, so I don’t go over the speed limit and I […]

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Who Are You, and Why Should I Care?

I guess it’s a function of maturity, but I don’t care about internet trolls anymore. Back in 2011, a troll on twitter started up a fight with a physician whom I admire. The physician wasn’t paying attention to his crude remarks — including a photoshopped image of her — so he was lashing out in […]

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Good Night, Good Dog

Callisto, the wonderful dog we adopted seven years ago, passed away peacefully after a short battle with disease. She leaves a dog-shaped hole in our hearts as she was very much our daughter. My wife and I wished she could have stuck around to meet the baby, but the universe has a funny way of […]

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