Don’t Be Friends With Jerks

We went out to dinner the other evening in celebration/anticipation of the impending arrival of Baby Ren. We sat around the table, talking and eating and having a great time. By the end of the evening, we all parted ways and my wife and I went to a nearby hotel. It was the same hotel […]

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To My Most Conservative Friend

My glass is not half full. It’s half empty because I gave the other half of water to someone who was thirsty, just like Jesus would (the Jesus described in the Bible, not the caricature misquoted up on stages of megachurches-slash-concerts). Your glass is half empty because some monster made up in the imagination of Breitbart of Alex Jones or Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield or Ted Cruz stole your water. Or because you drank it all so no one else could have it.

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The Political Fights You’ll Get Yourself Into

During the 2000 election, I had just recently moved to Pennsylvania from Texas. It is safe to say that a good 80% to 90% of the people I worked with were socially conservative. In essence, they were rooting for George W. Bush to win the election. As we all know, the election went on unresolved […]

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