What Love of Country Is All About

Growing up in Mexico, I was exposed to a lot of nationalistic views about that country. When I came to the US, it wasn’t that much different. In either place, I was told to love the country with all my heart, and to not see any fault in it. That’s totally the wrong way of going about loving something, or someone…

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Patriotism and Such

Did I ever tell you the story of my grade school years in Mexico? I was in school there for kindergarten, first, second and third grade. Then I did one year in El Paso, Texas, and then it was back to Juarez, Chihuahua, for fifth grade. By sixth grade, we got our permanent residence and […]

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Epidemiological Podcast S0E1: The Perfect Epidemiological Surveillance System

Today, I thought I’d share with you a 15-minute presentation I gave in Mexico City last about two weeks ago. It was on a paper I wrote based off a previous blog post. I talk about what I imagine to be the perfect system for keeping track of the population’s health… That is, if money, technology, laws, and ethical considerations were not in the way of such things.

Yes, I’m giving the podcast a season and names. The first season runs from now until the end of the year and will be season zero, along with previous episodes. Kind of like “the lost season” if you will. Then, starting in 2018, I’ll have a first season of six podcasts with pre-planned topics and a little more preparation. You guys deserve it… And it’s a good way to be just creative enough to be doing something but not too busy to forget about the dissertation (which should be almost done when 2017 ends and 2018 begins).

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The fear a 12 year old Mexican can raise

I think I’ve told you this before once or twice, but let me just repeat the story again. When I was a kid, I was always interested in all things having to do with science and technology. Dad was a car mechanic, his two brothers fixed televisions and radios. They learned their respective trades through […]

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History you should know: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

My wife and I were in San Antonio a few years ago, and we decided to take the tour of the Alamo that everyone seems to take when they visit there. As we walked around the different exhibits, we noticed a mother talking to her young child about what happened during the battle there. “The […]

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