The Villains You’ll Encounter

I’ve been in the presence of supervillains only a handful of times in my life. The latest was a few weeks ago when antivaxxers descended on a talk by a well-known pediatrician and vaccine developer. Their leader cannot be described in any other way than as being a supervillain. He’s good with words. He’s charming. […]

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If Time Were Not Linear, Where Would We Be? What Would We Do?

There’s a scene in The Flash where Tom Cavanaugh’s character tells Barry Allen’s friends that Barry’s superpower is not his speed, it’s his hope. “He’s full of hope,” he says, pointing out that Barry keeps trying to do the impossible because he’s full of hope that it will work out. Isn’t that the damned truth? The […]

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The thing about “Star Wars” is…

In which I try to explain to you why the new Star Wars film was not my cup of tea.

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