Let’s Get Caught Up, Continued

A young man leans back on a red car as he looks at the camera

A horrible nightmare came true. I lost my brother. Vaya con Dios.

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Mr. Bloomberg, Please Don’t Segregate Baltimore More Than It Already Is

Michael Bloomberg wants an armed police force at Johns Hopkins University institutions in Baltimore. Not a good idea, according to the evidence. Better jobs, better access to education, and investments in the community will go further to stop violence than more cops and more guns, and more segregation.

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The “Militarization” of the Johns Hopkins University Campus

There’s a bill in the Maryland State Assembly that will allow Johns Hopkins University to have its own police force. From The Baltimore Sun: “The legislation already has the backing of several Baltimore lawmakers, who said it will increase safety in the city without costing taxpayer dollars. Hopkins officials said Monday in a message to […]

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