In Medias Res, Part II

It’s 1992 and I’m a thirteen-year-old in high school. I don’t fit in with many of the groups in school because of my age and my background. I’m not smart enough to be part of the “nerds,” although I tend to earn good grades and get enrolled in advanced courses. I’m not athletic enough to […]

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In Medias Res, Part I

It’s a cold night in 1997, and I’m running down the streets in Juarez, Mexico. There is a group of young men ahead of me, four in total, who are themselves chasing after one other young man. One of the four is carrying a metal pipe of some sort. I’m having a hard time keeping […]

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Mr. Bloomberg, Please Don’t Segregate Baltimore More Than It Already Is

Michael Bloomberg wants an armed police force at Johns Hopkins University institutions in Baltimore. Not a good idea, according to the evidence. Better jobs, better access to education, and investments in the community will go further to stop violence than more cops and more guns, and more segregation.

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