Comments & Privacy

There is a simple rule to commenting on this blog: Keep it clean. In other words, don’t attack, don’t curse, don’t libel (or slander?), and don’t be mean. Your comment will never be approved if you take that course of action. Instead, be insightful, open-minded, and back up any claims of fact you make with some good evidence.

As for privacy: Your email address will not be shared with anyone unless it is required by law enforcement or court order, the serious stuff. Other than that, I will not sell your email address or pass it along to anyone. I also encourage you to submit your real email address in the comments section because I might contact you if there is the need to clarify what you’ve written.

One caveat to your privacy… A fellow blogger recently had an experience where a commenter mentioned or hinted at the possibility of committing a crime. If your comment does the same on this blog, I will contact law enforcement and pass on your IP address and email, and the content of your comment.

Finally, if you are anti-vaccine or anti-science, don’t even bother commenting. We both know what you’re going to write, so save us the time and go back to your echo chambers.