Listen to My Rants

I Don't Believe in Stuff Because I Know Stuff Epidemiological Podcasts

My parents made sure I knew stuff, so I wouldn't fall for stuff. Scammers have to work hard to get me, and they hate that. I can see through the web of lies of antivaxxers and people who try to sell me Supplements or Complementary and Alternative Medicine (SCAM). I hope I'm passing all this on to my daughter, so she knows stuff and can identify bullsh*t when she sees it.
  1. I Don't Believe in Stuff Because I Know Stuff
  2. We Need to Stand Up and Defend LGBTQ+ Rights
  3. A Walk On The C&O Trail
  4. That Time I Was The Greyhound And She Was The Rabbit
  5. It’s okay to listen to a podcast and cry
  6. Let’s Talk About Walking Away From Arguing
  7. Let's Talk About Religiosity
  8. Let's Talk About How We Justify Our Actions in This Pandemic
  9. Let's Talk About Faith With a Lowercase F
  10. A Long Walk in the Woods in the Middle of a Pandemic