The Year Since

Two men in front of a sign in a small town in northern Mexico. One wears a green shirt and hat. The other wears a tan shirt.

This blog post reflects on the passing of Andres one year ago, and the impact it has had on me and my family. I also discuss my father’s resilience, my anxiety about receiving bad news, and the difficulty of returning to the ancestral hometown. I also reflect on the prevalence of divorce in my social circle, and the importance of honesty and communication in my own marriage. The post concludes by acknowledging the ongoing pain of Andres’ loss and uncertainty of life.

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The Update You Deserve

A couple looks at the camera with strange expressions on their face. There is green shrubbery in the background.

In this blog post, I reflect on my recent experiences in public health and the challenges of working with different personalities. I also discuss upcoming conferences and plans for a summer vacation. I note a trend of divorce among friends and acquaintances, but express gratitude for my own successful relationship and my daughter. The post concludes with a promise to write again soon.

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