Up in a high place

The first time I went to High Rock was when I first moved to south-central Pennsylvania in 2000. I was a stranger in a strange land, but sitting atop that high place allowed me to see that it was not much different than other places I’ve been to. It was very green, yes, but the houses were still houses, and the people were still tiny compared to the size of the world.

The second time I went up there was when I was dating my wife. We went up there and took some pictures of us goofing off as we laid on top of the rock.

The third time I went up there was a few days ago at sunset. The clouds were rolling in, so I got some nice shots of the sunlight coming through the clouds. I had forgotten how much people liked to write stuff up there. Although there was a sign to not spray paint or write anything, there were still plenty of things written, old and new.

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