So I’ve Been a Little Busy

One of the jokes that my wife and I made as I got the new job is that I wouldn’t have time to get in trouble. Because, apparently, I tend to get in trouble when I’m not busy enough. I think it’s more like trouble finds me, and then I pay attention to it when I’m not busy. The times that I have gotten in trouble, it was not because I did something to get in trouble.


Between buying the new house, cleaning up the old one and putting it on sale, and starting the new job, I just haven’t gotten around to telling you about all of my adventures via the blog. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped writing. There must be about 12 draft blog spots just waiting to be finished and published since the time I last posted something.

They likely won’t be posted, though. There are over 2,000 draft blog posts of varying sizes that I’ve written between 2004 and now, and they will likely never see the light of day because they either ended up being not something I wanted to share, or they are just unfinished and I have no interest in finishing them.

Hey, it’s my blog. My blog, my rules. I’m the king of this cyberspace.

Anyway, just know that everything is going according to plan. The new job is great, and I’ll have more to write as I gather my thoughts about some of the challenges I’m coming up against (from a public health perspective). For now, allow me to leave you with a quick YouTube video of what I think is the best scene ever showing the confrontation of the main protagonist and antagonist with a tremendous cliffhanger at the end. Enjoy.

2 Comments on “So I’ve Been a Little Busy”

  1. Ah, the fun of selling and buying a new home with a toddler. The night before the open house the almost three year old opened the newly bought gallon of white vinegar and spilled it all over the living room carpeting.

    Over the previous year I did lots of house hunting with the toddler in the backpack and the baby in the front pack. Fun times.


    • We made sure the toddler was at the grandparents’ as much as possible during the process. Still, we signed a ton of papers for closing with the toddler running around the office, grabbing pens and drawing on the walls. Sigh.


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